David and his bride Nina doing research with the reenactors.  We have traveled throughout the South searching for juicy bits and pieces to enrich in the novels.

David and Nina with our research mascot Geno the Cat. Geno has been north of the Arctic Circle, snorkled in Fiji, hiked Uluru in Australia, lived in a villa in Tuscany, driven the Baja, strolled Pall Mall, hoisted a pint in Dublin and chased mice in Buffalo.

Nina Smeltz is a fiber artist whose work is regularly displayed at the Chautauqua Institute.  The background is an award winning hand-dyed quilted wall hanging.  Her art is widely sold in up-state New York.

My son Ted, on the left, is a classical violinist and violist.  He attended Baldwin-Wallace for music performance and Fredonia for his M.A.  He loves Filipino martial arts and target shooting.

My son Andrew on the left is a tycoon in Manhattan. (One of the good guys.)  He went to Cornell for his B.A. and Yale for his M.B.A.  He's a jock who knows his way around a wine cellar.

The family home near the Lake Erie beaches is a joy to our lives.  We live twenty miles down-lake from Buffalo, in the "Snow Belt".

The author at Antietam Battlefield remembering the bloodiest day in all of America's history. His novel, The Year of Jubilee, has its incredible climax in the aftermath of the battle.

David Smeltz imagining Sidney Sawyer's adventures in the 'Battle Above the Clouds' dramatized in  Missouri Yankees. He overlooks the Tennessee River above embattled Chattanooga.